The Crime Scene

The Basement


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                                1.    A broken window was found unlatched with a suitcase under it. A scuff mark was found on the wall

                                above the suitcase. Small pieces of glass were scattered on top of the suitcase and the floor around

                                it. Later a blanket belonging to JAR and a children's book were found inside the suitcase, which

                                normally was stored on the first floor (near the stairs to the basement?). On his first trip to the

                                basement Fleet White latched the unlatched window. He picked up some pieces of glass and set them

                                on the window sill. He admitted moving the suitcase slightly. A partial foot print was found on the

                                top side of the suitcase. Debris, and packing "peanuts" were found in the light well outside the

                                broken window and at the door to the wine cellar.


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The Broken Window with suitcase standing on side


                          2.    A wooden plaque from John's navy tour of duty at Subic Bay, Philipines, was found inside the small

                                closet. It was said to have the name "Subic Bay Training Center" on it. However, it has been pointed

                                out that the base never was called that. It was suggested that this was what the acronym "S.B.T.C"

                                in the ransom note stood for.

                          3.    The location of a ventilation duct originally installed to provide combustion air to a furnace. This

                                furnace room is the presumed location of the killer and little girl when a neighbor across the street

                                said she heard a child's blood curdling scream at about midnight.


BRMwindow.jpg (93228 bytes)

Looking at the furnace room window from the outside; the round fresh air duct is to the left of center


windowtomelody.jpg (94253 bytes)

    Looking out the window in the furnace room toward Melody Stanton's House    


                       Several people have tested this theory and have found that the disconnected duct does act as a

                                megaphone in directing and amplifying sounds from the boiler room.

                          4.    Position where Fleet White stood as he looked into the wine cellar on his first visit to the basement

                                and did not see JonBenet's body. Patsy's paint tote was found just outside the wine cellar door.

                                Broken slivers of wood, believed to have resulted from breaking the paint brush into a smaller piece

                                used for the "garrote" handle, were found on the floor.

                         5.     Position of the light switch on the wall in the wine cellar. Approximately where John Ramsey stood

                                when he said he saw his daughter's body lying on the floor.



 The Windowless Room