The Windowless Room


6.    The position of JB's body. Her wrists were loosely bound together and her arms were positioned

       above her head. A noose was found tied around her neck. It had a 17" length of cord extending from

       a slip knot located at her neck to the wooden handle. At the handle, which had the word "Korea"

       imprinted on it, the cord was fastened with an elaborate knot. The knot itself had some of

       JonBenet's hair caught in it. She had a piece of black tape placed over her mouth and was covered

       with her white blanket. She was wearing a white, long sleeved knit top, with a silver sequined star in

       the front middle, and long-legged stretch pants. Her underwear had drops of blood on them. Her pink

       Barbie nightgown lay next to her.


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Looking into the room from the corridor                             In the room                                                                      Inside, looking to the left  

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    The body was found here


The Autopsy

The murder weapon